Wood Floor Sanding in The Haque

Wood Floor Sanding in The Haque? MP Schuurtechniek! Which flooring options do you prefer? Vinyl, tile, or even carpet? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably prefer wood. But what makes wood floors so popular? First, they are able to make any house look chic and classy. They aren’t just sophisticated in appearance; they’re also easy to maintain and clean. However, wood floors tend to get damaged over some years. They can get stains, scratches, and other forms of wear. This is where our wood floor sanding in The Haque comes in. Sanding simply removes the top layer of the wood to reveal a pristine surface that can be treated according to your preference. The sanded floors look brand new. Maintenance is also fairly simple. The floors don’t trap dirt or debris easily, and this makes cleaning an easy task.
Wood Floor Sanding in The Haque

Dust-free Floor Sanding

No one enjoys dealing with the dust produced during sanding. This is why our team uses dust-free floor sanding techniques. This method preserves the air quality of your home. With dust-free sanding, we’re able to capture over 99% of the dust that would be released with regular sanding methods. Do you have asthma or other dust allergies? Then dust-free wood floor sanding in The Haque will suit you. We also recommend it for homes that have children and other vulnerable people. You’ll also notice that wood floor sanding reduces finish problems. This is because no dust will be trapped in the wood during the installation process. What’s not to like?

Wood Floor Sanding in The Haque


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Sanding and varnishing

Varnishing is a key part of wood floor sanding in The Haque. Our experienced technicians will apply varnish to keep the floor waterproof, meaning you won’t have to deal with water damage. Varnish is also resistant to UV rays, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. It adds a more tinted color to the wood and generally improves its appearance. We will apply the varnish professionally to make sure it doesn’t crack or peel. This way, water won’t sip into the wood. Need more clarification on the varnishing process? Klick on the link for more information about wood floor sanding and varnishing. Keep in mind that our team is made up of certified technicians.

Sanding and oiling

‘Oiling’ is a term commonly used when discussing wood sanding. But what exactly is it? And why is it important? The process simply involves the application of a layer of oil to the sanded wood. This gives the wood a polished look. With our choice of oils, your floor will look unique, rustic, warm, or lighter. Ask our team about the different oils to find out which one would suit your tastes best. We also have clear oils that will showcase the natural beauty of your floors. Appearance isn’t the only reason for oiling after wood floor sanding in The Haque. This process also offers protection from liquid stains as it provides a buffer. Overall, it can help to increase the longevity of your floors. Klick on the link for more information about wood floor sanding and oiling.

Free floor inspection and advice

You don’t have to wait until your floors are completely damaged to sand them. Contact us at any time and we’ll carry out a free floor inspection to determine its state. We will also offer recommendations and advice on how you can make the floors durable. Also, take this opportunity to learn about the different treatment options available. If you’re ready to have your floors sanded, you can ask us for a free quotation.

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