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Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing by MP Schuurtechniek. Enhancing your home’s wood flooring is one of the best ways to transform it into a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space. Wood flooring, over time, wears off due to continuous use, which may even devalue the home. We are here to help you get your home to the next level with our wood floor sanding and varnishing services. Here is more on our services and expertise.
Wood Floor Sanding and varnishing

Why Varnish Your Wooden Floor

Varnish plays a vital role in protecting your wooden floor from damage. Oftentimes, if your wood floor is quickly staining or losing its luster and sheen, chances are that moisture is getting through to it. This can further make it rot and lose its structural integrity over time.

If the wooden floor is newly installed, having it varnished by experts ensures it stays damage-free and serves you for a long time. On the other hand, if the hardwood floor has recently lost its shine, using varnishing will refresh it and enhance its aesthetics.

Wood Floor Sanding and varnishing


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You Can Trust Our Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Having been in the industry for over 18 years, we have accumulated unbeatable experience in wood floor sanding and varnishing. Our experts incorporate modern technologies and timeless traditional tactics to ensure your floor is smooth and flawless. We know how to give your home’s flooring that natural look. More information about wood floor sanding you can find here!

The Benefits of a Varnished Wooden Floor

As established above, varnish gives your floor a protective shield. When done correctly, the shield is waterproof and highly resistant to wear and tear. If your house experiences a huge traffic of people and pets, you stand to enjoy your wooden floor for a longer time with varnishing. Additionally, unlike other floor treatments, varnishing requires very little maintenance. We will discuss some of the maintenance tips for your varnished floor in the following section. Don’t miss out on it!

Quick Maintenance Tips for a Varnished Floor

Now that you are considering having wood floor sanding and varnishing for your home, you must know how to take care of it. Typically, wood floor varnishing lasts from 5 to 10 years. However, with proper maintenance, it may last you even 15 years. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

• Regularly clean your floor with neutral pH products
• Have the floor professionally cleaned bi-annually
• Use felt pads under furniture and appliance’s legs to prevent scratches
• Use minimal water when washing to avoid excessive moisture
• Vacuum cleaner or sweep first before mopping to remove any abrasive particles
• Wipe up any spills or spots as soon as they appear
• Contact experts to help with any scratches and repair

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