Discover the Shine: Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling Secrets

Wood floor sanding and oiling? At MP Schuurtechniek, we’re passionate about hardwood flooring. With years of experience, we excel at wood floor sanding and oiling. Our dedicated team ensures top-notch artistry for both homes and commercial spaces. Your satisfaction is our priority. Read on for essential information about our wood floor sanding and oiling services.
wood floor sanding and oiling

Enhancing Beauty: Oiling for a Natural Wood Finish

Your wood floor might fade and lose its original glow over time. This often means it needs a refreshing oil treatment. Oiling enhances its appearance while offering protection and nourishment. Here is where engaging a proficient wood floor sanding and oiling company comes into play, as we will help you know the benefits of oiling for a natural wood finish. We will also use the correct procedures. Klick here for more information about wood floor sanding or renovation of your wooden floor. 

wood floor sanding and oiling


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Sanding and varnishing

Our team won’t just sand your wood floors; we also varnish them to provide a protective shield. This is a practical solution that can save you money in the long term. It ensures that the floor is waterproof (won’t get water damage) and resistant to wear and tear. Most people use varnish on their outdoor furniture as it is less susceptible to UV ray damage.

So, how do we sand and varnish wood floors? The process usually involves a 3-layer system. Throughout the process, we’ll communicate with you to make sure your favorite choices are taken into account. We have varied color options and are happy to let you pick your best one. Something else we should note is that varnish is non-toxic.

Sanding and oiling

Wood floor sanding reveals a fresh coat, and this needs to be protected through oiling. Our experienced team will ensure that the oil penetrates the wood to make it more resistant to wear and tear. And that’s not all. This treatment prevents dings, dents, and scratches. The result is that the floor will stay in good condition for longer. You’ll also notice that oiling adds natural warmth to the floor. The oils don’t change the color of the floor and simply bring out its natural color. Not sure which oil to choose? Talk to our team and they’ll let you in on the pros and cons of each option. We always advise our clients to oil their wood floors every 3 to 5 years. Klick on the link for more information about wood floor sanding and varnishing.

Sanding and hard wax oiling

Hardwax oiling is another technique we use to bring long-lasting luster to your floors and keep them durable. For this method, we use clear or colored wax that is made with a blend of solvents and synthetic or natural waxes. The wax is applied in a thin layer and is then buffed to a shine. The solvents will evaporate after a while, leaving behind a solid protective seal on the wood. Since spills won’t be absorbed into the wood, there’s a lower chance that it will get stained. Waxing also acts as the first line of defense against dust and dirt. This doesn’t just protect the wood; it also prevents dirt from permeating the underlying finishes. Contact us for more details on wood floor sanding and hardwaxing.

Free floor inspection and advice

Wood floor sanding is our expertise, so you can trust us to deliver quality work. You can reach our team any time for advice on sanding, oiling, waxing, and varnishing. Let us know what you need and how you want the work to be done, and we’ll get right on it. Similarly, we’re available for free floor inspections. If your floor is in poor condition, we can recommend different solutions. Take your time to understand the pros and cons of each solution. Keep in mind that our technicians are certified and can guarantee you excellent dust-free floor sanding

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