Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing by MP Schuurtechniek! There are so many options you have when it comes to revamping your home’s flooring, with hardwaxing being the most viable. Hardwaxing involves the use of one or more oils and waxes to give your floor that sheen and enhanced functionality. We know that these might sound like complex terms but worry not; we are experts and know the exact type of oils and wax you need. For the oils, the most common ones are linseed oil, safflower oil, and Tung oil. We use them with waxes such as beeswax and carnauba for a hardened finish.
Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

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Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing


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Hardwaxing for Extra Protection of the Wood Floor

When it comes to wood floors, most processes begin with wood floor sanding to remove the stains and any other elements atop. After sanding, you can now go for finishing options such as hardwaxing.

While other finishes only form a coat over the wood, hardwaxing penetrates the wood fibres to protect the wood from the inside. This permeation gives your wooden floor extra protection.

Why You Should Sand and Hardwax Your Floor

There are many reasons why you might consider wood floor sanding and hardwaxing today. One of the most common ones is wear and tear on your floor. If you have noticed dents and unsightly damage on your floors, it might be time to have them sanded and hardwaxed. This helps replenish its aesthetics, which still enhances its functionality.

Other reasons include wanting a change of finish for the wood. If you had previously used other types and now want a more protective finishing method, talk to us for quality wood floor sanding and hardwaxing.

The Benefits of Hardwax Oil for Your Floor

Hardwaxing employs oils and waxes. The mixture gives your floor a deeper penetration than the regular surface coating and finishes. This is because the hardwax oil penetrates the wood pores to improve the look and feel of your flooring.

Additionally, hardwaxing comes with a durable finish as it protects the wood from the inside such as OSMO hardwax oil. This means that you will enjoy the benefits for more than 6 years to come. With good maintenance for your wood floor’s lustre, you enjoy it for longer.

Quick Maintenance Tips for a Hardwax Oil Floor

As mentioned, hardwax oil floors incredibly last long. They will last even longer with the right maintenance tips. Here is what our experts recommend.

• Get the right non-abrasive and rinse-free cleaner for your hardwax oil floor
• Clean your floor regularly
• Always vacuum before cleaning
• Use cork floor protectors for furniture to prevent scratches
• Contact us for professional cleaning at least twice a year

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